Why you should not run primary research
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Primary research is the foundation on which our bold decisions are made on. But there is a point where primary research becomes detrimental when it comes to decision making. Often we have seen teams faced with difficult problems revert back to gathering more consumer data, only to become paralyzed with the amount of insight. This makes them incapable of finding a route forwards.

It is at this point where primary research becomes disadvantageous to teams. But how can you identify when primary research is helpful, or a hinderance? And how should you move forwards if that is the case? Here are a few classic scenarios where we see organizations fall down, and the approaches we recommend to arrive at solutions that enable you to move forwards with confidence.


1. You have too much data and lack clarity.

Start by extracting the insights from the data you have. While you may have 85 different reports, it is highly likely that just 5 key points hidden amongst these hold the key to your question. However, we know it can be timely and exhausting to trawl back through existing data. An external agency can often be the key to freeing your mind and focusing on what you do best.

2. You have all the insights, but just need recommendations.

Every big decision has a multitude of implications, and when senior stakeholders take opposite positions, it can lead to a deadlock. A short engaging workshop with an experienced facilitator can realign your stakeholders on a common goal and set you on a path to success.

3. You feel the need for some forecast to base your decisions on, but you fear that your forecasting models are not reliable.

We have found that accurate forecasting establishes consensus among the best educated predictions of the experts. These experts may or may not be found within your internal teams. Innovative ai-enabled platforms can help access the shares intuition among all of your stakeholders to build a forecasting super-engine.


If you are surrounded with a wealth of information but still struggling to identify a clear path forwards, get in touch to see how Jade Kite can help.


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