We have a range of A.I. tools to assist strategy and research.

We have passionately followed the development of Artificial Intelligence for the past 20 years. As experienced strategists and researchers, we understand that the power of the results it can yield is dependent on how it is utilized.

As explorers of the deep human psyche, it is only in very recent years that we have seen advances in technology that we believe can truly deliver accurate and actionable results within qualitative research.


Our Team

Our team relentlessly researches and innovates best-in-class methodologies, partnering with the sharpest minds across a broad spectrum of A.I. tools.


Tools & Methodologies

Tools with potential to be integrated into our methodologies undergo a series of rigorous testing.


Strategic Analysis

Our tools are used in combination with traditional qualitative research approaches, providing a blend of creative strategic analysis, with actionable and quantifiable data that access parts of consumer subconscious previously unreachable.

Our Tools


Swarm A.I.

Fast consensus, strong predictions.
Enable a group of users to collaborate as a single organism, consistently producing far more accurate results than any other conventional investigation method.
What SWARM A.I. delivers:
  • Robustness through consensus SWARM forces participants to agree on an answer in a short amount of time, resulting in robustness of answers and predictions impossible in surveys.
  • Truth from behavior Using a gamified, timed response encourages users to activate their system 1 thinking, one that comes from instinct, not post-rationalization.
  • Gamified engagement SWARM format requires constant engagement from participants. Those less engaged have less impact the final result.
  • Certainty AND depth Follow up open-ended questions and real time interviews allows for depth of understanding and insight to help uncover nuance and drive actionable recommendations.
We love this for:
  • Patient journeys
  • Messaging optimization
  • Opportunity spaces
  • Ideation and innovation
  • Concept testing

Our Tools


Voice A.I.

Hear what isn’t being said.
Distill subconscious information using only tone of voice to identify personality and sentiment instantly with over 95% accuracy.
What Voice A.I. delivers:
  • Unspoken insight Analyzing sound rather than speech bypasses the participant’s ability to consciously filter their answers, accessing deep subconscious and natural reactions and personalities.
  • Deep emotional recognition Voice tone is the most revealing of all human behaviors. Voice AI can highlight associations such as stress, boredom, or contentment.
  • Actionable psychographic profiles Augment your segmentation with stable personality profiles that can be recognized within the first minute of speech from a participant.
  • Actual competitor perceptions Combining explicit, semantic, and voice tone analysis is the surest way to get a full view of your competitor landscape.
We love this for:
  • Patient journeys
  • Drivers and barriers
  • Opportunity space development
  • Segmentation

Our Tools


Expression A.I.

Next generation qualitative.

Display information consistently and accurately capture subconscious reactions to each data point, bypassing learned responses and moderator bias.

What Expression A.I. delivers:
  • Moving beyond bias Face-tracking records micro-expressions we may not even be aware of. It can catch emotions before they register consciously in a participant’s mind, removing any post-rationalization filters.
  • Unparalleled depth of insight Our unique approach captures ultra-granular responses with absolute certainty, displaying emotional findings with repeatable data.
  • Comprehensive message testing Compare subconscious and rationalized reactions to understand the full scope of sentiment your messaging evokes, and how it can be optimized and strengthened.
  • Objection handling Finally understand what really drives objections, and adjust insight strategy and comms accordingly.
We love this for:
  • TPP response
  • Ideation and innovation
  • Concept testing
  • Message testing

Our Tools


Subtext A.I.

Real reactions, unfiltered.

Execute rigorous, transparent, and time-efficient analysis of qualitative projects across a team of experts.

What Subtext A.I. delivers:
  • Next-generation qualitative research Themes, topics and events are automatically identified in interview transcripts, making our qualitative analysis to deeper and more robust – but also faster.
  • Review and move with pace A.I. reviews vast data sets within hours, replicating a process that would otherwise take teams months. Results highlight areas for exploration by project stakeholders for more efficient working.
  • Replicable accuracy without bias All documents receive an equal and unbiased review, removing the risk of human error and guaranteeing that no data point is overlooked.
  • Drive internal consensus Our analysis process is displayed transparently for ease of review, enabling internal teams to process information quickly in order to arrive at key decisions faster.
We love this for:
  • Insight story development
  • Opportunity space development
  • Segmentation
  • Concept testing
  • Pipeline review
  • Message testing and optimization

Our Tools


Knowledge A.I.

Qualitative analytics.

Review of years of existing qualitative, unstructured data to highlight consistent and nuanced emotional findings within an extensive data set.

What Knowledge A.I. delivers:
  • Emotional trends mining A.I.-powered thematic analysis can link key topics and events to over 100 nuanced emotions. Looking back at the emotional impact of past events enables strong predictions around future ones.
  • Sentiment benchmarking Compare and contrast key themes and sentiment going back years around competitors, intent to purchase, drivers, and more, to identify trends in nuance inaccessible to quantitative analysis.
  • Robust psychographic profiles Supplement your segmentations with deeply nuanced and highly accurate psychological and personality profiles.
  • Drive internal consensus Quickly identify the language used most positively by your customers so your messaging hits home on the first round of testing.
We love this for:
  • Patient journey
  • Message development
  • Insight story development
  • Opportunity space development
  • Ideation and innovation
  • Concept testing

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