Pharma research often suffers from too much data and not enough actionable insights.

Quantitative data lacks the depth and nuance required or truly innovative strategy, while qualitative data lacks the certainty needed for decisive action. 

We seamlessly combine actionable data with emotional nuance in order to arm teams with the tools to implement ground breaking results. 

Prescribers and other B2B buyers are 50% more likely to to choose a brand based on emotional value in a product or service.

Brands with a strategy based on emotional understanding increased their profits by 55% in 2021, compared to a 33% decrease among the Fortune 500.

We strengthen strategy across key touch points


  • Market overview highlighting which drivers and barriers actually matter most
  • Genuine responses to TPP, with unrivaled granularity
  • Adboard secondary analysis to identify emotions involved
  • Rich data-driven HCP archetypes that extend beyond prescription behavior
  • Unrivaled qualitative forecasting (trends, timelines and behaviors)


  • Emotional patient journeys with high and low points ranked by emotional intensity
  • Motivations and triggers exploration and emotional benchmarking
  • Deep, AI-powered opportunity- oriented patient portraits
  • Fast retrospective analysis of drivers over time


  • Initial campaign development guidance through predictive AI
  • Campaign testing and optimization based on both stated and subconscious responses
  • Unguarded, quantified reactions to messages
  • Retrospective brand equity audits for campaign shifts

The Jade Kite Difference

Our unique tools and approaches add value at every stage of the qualitative research process.

Patient Journey

Deep understanding of all emotions at play, including detailed view of MDT relationships.

Barriers and Drivers

Unprecedented TPP response granularity. Unfiltered prescriber views on subgroups, competitors etc.


Unparalleled depth and meaning to all segments. A.I. behavior prediction usable directly by reps/ MSLs.


Unique A.I. insights tools to test and optimize every aspect from narrative to CVA.

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