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MirAI gives deciders, innovators, and insights professionals strong answers to their direct questions about the future, so they can move ahead with confidence.


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There is no longer a reason to rely on personal assumptions and inadequate data. Instead, you are now able let shine a bright path into the future, based on the most accurate predictions possible.

No one wants to make decisions
without knowing what lies ahead

When teams can’t align on critical decisions, no one wants to take a chance. But today “playing it safe” means getting bypassed by the competition. 

Historical data is not always relevant, and constant disruption makes it outdated faster and faster; customers don’t know what they want until they get it; experts carry their own bias.

Studies show that after a certain point, additional data only makes people more overwhelmed and less certain. What teams need then is simple answers that support confident decisions.

MirAI gives you the answers you need and prevents the delays caused by uncertainty

I’ve been using MirAI for 3 years. Apart from being the only predictive analytical tool I trust, it’s the qualitative insight and strategic consultancy I value as equally. It’s proven to be essential for exploring innovations, emerging and mainstream.

Andrew Ho, Sr. Director of Insights, Pepsico

to any of your burning questions about what the future might hold

Jade Kite and MirAl clients

MirAI is the easiest way to know the future

You give us

just as you think them. No need to limit yourself to available data or subjective feelings.

We create a custom MirAI pod

and ask it your questions, in real time. The answers get a conviction rating with the option to probe deeper in chat.

You get

instantly or within 2 days for deep analysis. You make confident decisions based on the
best foresight possible.

MirAI is the easiest way to know the future

You get answers

Get your answers the next day, and start making strong decisions based on better forecasts like ever before. 

We ask a super-expert

We ask the questions to a specially created super-expert system using a unique type of AI combining machine accuracy and speed with human knowledge and intuition.

You give us questions

No need to limit yourself to available data or subjective feelings. Just give us up to 30 questions and 2-10 potential answers for each.

Can’t decide? We can help.