Qualitative insights experts combining timeless empathy with cutting edge A.I.

To get ahead in times of disruption, you need a deeply confident understanding of what your customers want. 

Our mastery of classic qualitative methods delivers unrivaled depth, nuance and strategic focus, supported by our ever-expanding A.I. toolbox for previously unachievable levels of confidence and accuracy.

A collective of seasoned experts in accessing emotions.

With an exclusively director-level network, we are qualitative researchers and brand strategists at our very core. We understand how to access subconscious emotions to predict behavior and deliver hard-hitting strategy that moves the needle.

Truly focused on your objectives

We understand that the most vital component to successful research is asking the right questions. We pick the best possible methodology for your problem (classic or enhanced by A.I.) and make sure every element of the project is designed to deliver results.

Highly experienced qualitative researchers

With decades of individual experience, our team is expertly trained across every stage of research, from design, to moderation, to analysis. We understand how to access the deepest roots of emotion to unlock results-driving strategy.

Cross-industry experience

Our experience spans client and agency-side across a wide range of industries, keeping our knowledge sharp and our thinking fresh. Our extensive network mean we are able to tap into the relevant expertise for any conundrum.

Meet the team

Unlike other insights agencies, our team is entirely formed of senior researchers, so you can rest assured your project is in good hands from beginning to end. We all understand your problem, and we know what questions to ask and what tools to use to get to the best solutions.

• Cross-industry expertise
• Client-side experience
• High diversity + inclusiveness

• Trained in latest methods + approaches



Following academic training in philosophy and artificial intelligence, Sidi has spent the last 18 years honing his craft in strategy and insights with world-leading agencies and corporations. He is insatiably curious about why people think the way they do, what drives their behavior, and how to understand their subconscious processes. Always looking for the next intellectual challenge, he likes nothing more than taking people along on journeys from seemingly impossible problems to surprisingly clear solutions.

Our team's specialties

Our process is tailored to meet your needs

People choose to partner with us because of our proven processes, industry expertise, and intangible lessons learned through more than a decade of successful B2B and B2C brand building.

Our process is tailored to meet your needs

People choose to partner with us because of our proven processes, industry expertise, and intangible lessons learned through more than a decade of successful B2B and B2C brand building.

1: Introductions

Setting the foundations of our relationship, we will get to know you and the context you operate in. Our focus spans from your business problems to solve, to personal objectives and team dynamics. We understand the intricacies within your day-to-day in order to work to your needs.

2: Define the problem to solve

The key to quality research is ensuring we are asking the right questions. We will work with you to uncover the root of the problem, working closely with your teams to break it down and identify all moving parts. We identify a clear direction to guide the process.

3: Research / analysis

Whether a fast turnaround with robust results, or a deep exploration into the human psyche, we operate at pace and with clear focus. We collaborate with our global network to ensure the highest quality of local researches in each of your markets. Our processes utilize constant advances in A.I. to ensure research works smarter.

4: Delivery

Insight is useless unless actionable. We cut through complex data to deliver the core insight that will unlock your problem. We deliver succinct recommendations that allow your team to focus on impactful results.

5: Dissemination

Insights are also only half the work. We know that strategy is impossible to embed without buy-in and alignment. We work with our clients to translate key insights into short, digestible multimedia content to share widely with teams. This ensures the value of the work lives and breathes in any future direction.

6: Progress

Now that your whole team is armed with a common vision of opportunity, decisions come easy and quick. You can take immediate, ambitious steps towards your goals, and get ahead of your competitors in fearless and unique ways.  

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