Why branding matters in a data-driven industry
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Maybe we’ve just been in the industry too long, but it seems to us that 10 years ago new product launches were much rarer, and much larger events. Be it a new oncology drug, new flavor of coke, or new hotel chain. These events happened once every one or two years. In this old world of innovation excitement was driven naturally and every consumer wanted a piece of the action.


These days, innovation is critical for survival. It’s non-stop. Regardless of how exciting or earth shattering your innovation may be, you can bet there’s another one somewhere in a pipeline ready to come and steal the spotlight in a matter of months. It is still possible to create a launch with impact that grabs attention, but the unavoidable truth is that most of our hard work disappears quickly into the flood of new releases.


Even the most formidable of innovators fall victim to the fact that simply creating something new, that works, isn’t good enough anymore.


This is why branding is more important than ever in today’s world. Powerful branding creates a true, deep and personal connection, which in today’s world is required to sustain attention. The key word here is personal, as people will only deeply connect to brands that are sincerely relevant to them. We often see brands succumb to the trap of solving a consumer need and shouting about it in taglines, benefits and Reasons to believe. 



The problem with this is that groundbreaking innovation tackles deep rooted needs that most people don’t consciously recognize. It is the role of branding to bridge that gap between a problem or desire identified by real people, and a need space identified by a researcher or a lab. It is only with emotional branding, that speaks to people in their own language, that we can create an emotional connection with longevity to withstand the daily churn of the ‘new and exciting’.


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