Voice – the key to the subconscious
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The introduction of voice recognition into the mainstream has revolutionized the way humans interact with technology. Though unimaginable just a few years ago, chatting to Alexa is now a commonplace behavior for many, even (and specially!) tech-averse people. But the power that voice holds extends far beyond getting the weather outside or topping up your order of Tide Pods.


While eyes get praised for being the ‘window to the soul’, here at Jade Kite we see that true insight lies in voice. Countless industries have already recognized this power, from insurance companies identifying those more likely to fold on loans, to transport companies identifying drivers who need to take a rest. The potential for this tool within research is exhilarating. Here are the core reasons why we champion Voice A.I. to access the subconscious emotions of customers.


High-level accuracy

Our Voice A.I. tools can conduct acoustic analysis of over 200 different voice parameters to measure different aspects of speech intonation. Personal speech patterns have demonstrated in research to show a high correlation to behavioral patterns, and even mental health states. As with other subconscious indicators such as NLP or facial recognition, analyzing voice helps overcome the potential for bias or self-filtering from participants, instead cutting straight to the heart of their being. Personality segmentation has demonstrated accuracy of over 76%.


Rapid data collection

Unlike long-form interviews and discussion groups, Voice A.I. can identify personality with just 10 seconds of voice clips. Even the ideal value of 2-5 minutes is significantly less time commitment than traditional methods. This provides huge opportunity within sectors such as Pharma where HCPs are time short, and provides ability to collect greater breadth of data. With this method of collection, Voice A.I. presents the potential for qual-level insight, with quant sample sizes and certainty.


Globally significant and comparable

Research has shown that voice patterns transcend language, ethnicity, gender and culture. Voice A.I. forgoes the need for translation and gives a level playing field for comparison across any population globally. This not only erases the potential for bias through sampling, but also through subconscious bias of the researcher and strategist analyzing the data.


If you are interested in integrating Voice A.I. into your research to access the subconscious with speed and the highest levels of accuracy, get in touch with Sidi today.


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