Using A.I. in research: How to get it right.
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Advances in A.I. are unleashing highly powerful tools capable of revealing the human psyche in ways previously impossible without a lab and millions of dollars’ worth of equipment. These tools have been met by insights experts with guarded enthusiasm as they grapple with how and when to engage with this technology. Where qualitative data is unstructured, emotional, deeply human, and open ended, A.I. has the potential to deliver information that is quantified, reliable and replicable. But it still requires (and will require for the foreseeable future) skillful, context-sensitive interpretation to be of strategic use.

Here at Jade Kite, we have closely monitored the advances of A.I for over 20 years, waiting for the right time to integrate it in our strategic insights practice. Below are our key guidelines for effectively leveraging A.I..

Find the right providers

A.I. tools are not created equal, though they may promise similar results. Quality in A.I. depends on the quality of data used to train algorithms and the amount of human intervention to adjust and refine them. Checking the training the data will give some indication as to which tools can deliver the strongest results. Checking for published case studies, reading through peer-reviewed research, and running pilot projects will also glean some insight as to which provider can offer the most detailed and accurate results within your domain.



Craft the right research design

Your data can only be as good as the questions asked. Regardless of tools, this core principle in qualitative research still stands. Without understanding which questions will get to the kernel of truth required to blow open an insights story, any data collected becomes meaningless. Engaging with research experts with a long experience of both classical and new approaches is paramount to ensure the set-up and process maximizes a tool’s potential. Keep in mind that the nature of A.I. is to be fully trained in one type of data. In research, voice, facial expression, semantics and behavior are all formidable information points that lead to illuminating results. However, each of these will only deliver one facet of the full picture.

Come to the right interpretation

While ground-breaking results can be delivered by machines, strategy is a different ballgame. An understanding of context, market forces, and general human behavior is necessary to arrive at the ‘so what’. To this date, there is no A.I. that can come close to the creative skill of weaving together an insight story that inspires confident action in large organizations. Tools can help human expertise go the extra mile towards exceptional depth in exploration and analysis; but they cannot replace it.

Jade Kite has spent years cultivating a toolkit consisting of the most sophisticated A.I. tools in the market, and are constantly reviewing new releases, building partnerships, and fine-tuning approaches. For more information on working with us, set up some time with Sidi for a chat.


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