How to win against a Goliath (when your brand is a David)
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“Think like a startup!”

“Do more with less!”

“Be agile!” 

If you work in a corporation with over 100k employees then these are all phrases you will have definitely heard in the past 5 years, and probably dread hearing again. We all know that actually working ‘like a startup’ for an oncology brand with huge head counts and entrenched procedures is rarely an option. With that said, the need to be resilient in the face of disruption is very real, as is the desire to be a driving force for growth in your industry.


Our experience with startups and global corporations alike has shown us that emulating the innovative and adaptable mindset of successful startups comes down to the culture and behavior of smaller teams (the ones who actually do the work), rather than company-wide restructures and bland emails from Corporate. Small changes can go a long way, so here are the three top behaviors that we have seen generate real results.




  1. Be nimble.

“Agility” is often wrongly associated with speed and the ability to do something faster, cheaper. But true agility is found in the ability to fail fast, to test and learn, and to make the conscious decision to pivot. There has been proven success amongst industry giants who launch early and plan to tweak as they go in order to find the most effective solutions. These techniques sometimes require behavioral change throughout teams, especially at a management level. 

This mindset relies on a progressive shift from the goal of immediate success, and a focus on learning and improvement, accepting that in order to learn we first have to fail, often more than once. Once this is embedded, teams are able to live and breathe true innovation and constant disruption while staying true to the big picture objectives.  



  1. Aim well.

The right benefit aimed at the wrong target can erode a brand with devastating speed. The simplest way to guarantee that your offering surpasses any other is to  make sure you understand the customer needs better than your competitors. Keep your eye trained on the target and keep your messaging tight. Remember, less is often more. 


  1. Be brave.

Rehashing old news will always fail to break through. Once you have a clear target and a great solution, it is imperative to have total conviction in your brand identity. Fully commit to what resonates deeply and find a way to move it forward with every touchpoint. Speaking out in a way that has never been heard before is always daunting, but brands that show bold initiative stay front and center of customers’ minds and are considered first.


Jade Kite is an advocate for brave brands. We help them stand out by empowering teams with nimble approaches, supported by AI technology for a higher level of understanding of the target and how to reach it. Get in touch to find out more.


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