How to become an emotional brand in Oncology
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The world of Oncology branding has been built on brands with a rational foundation. As innovation timelines become shorter and we see the market become more saturated, there is a growing need to shift these brands towards an emotional reason for being. The shift from rational to emotional is possible, however it must come from a sustained understanding and effort throughout an organization to build associations and trigger the desired emotional responses consistently over time.

Here are our 3 core strategies that will reposition a rational brand in the mindset of internal teams, HCPs and customers.


Humanize your brand

People create emotional connections with people. In order to enable this, your brand needs to walk and talk as a human would do. This balance is achieved through a consistent tone of voice and brand personality that runs through to your internal company culture, exhibited in both brand messaging and face-to-face interactions that people have with your representatives. It is important to remember that human experiences with brands are the most memorable – because they are most likely to elicit emotion.

In the same way our friends help us to shape and define ourselves, so too can our closest brands become an extension of our own identity and vision. A product or brand that we engage with frequently, such as a daily treatment, has huge potential to become part of our identity.


Speak to the different regions of the brain.

There are multiple areas of the brain involved with decision making, particularly within high stakes decision-making experienced by gatekeepers like parents and HCPs. Branding and subsequent messaging should understand and target the role of each area to create a congruent response across them all.

  1. Speak to the limbic brain to help elicit emotional reactions, building subconscious feelings of trust.
  2. Speak to the rational brain to make sense of the subconscious reaction with compelling reasons to believe using the right language.


Find the common thread between product, people and customer.

Brands that play within Oncology frequently have a complex portfolio that spans audiences and indications. Whereas each of these play within very different contexts, emotion can often be the unlock to a common thread of experience across the board. It is easiest to find this by identifying what customers and buyers are looking for at a core level, rather than what they’re looking for rationally in a brand partnership. This thread needs to move beyond the product. It must speak to a truth that is authentically felt and believed in by internal teams, as in order to resonate externally, it must resonate internally first.


To find out more about how you can create brand loyalty and resiliency through shifting to an emotional branding strategy, get in touch with Sidi today.


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