How emotional branding can amplify your comms and core messages
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A successful product launch a well thought through and delivered message can be the main cause of success or failure. When it comes to longevity however, the same message repeated again and again loses impact: what was once meaningful and interesting is to its audience now feels common and boring, and they become susceptible to new and exciting messages. This is why organizations need to take control of how they are perceived by achieving consistency even through varying formats, messages, and channels.

Amplify messages over time

This becomes challenging when we consider that consistency is necessary to reinforce messaging and build trust. A uniform message that promotes brand identity can increase revenue by up to 23% – the trick is to maintain the same identity while avoiding message repetition. Emotional branding is the key to achieving this seemingly impossible juxtaposition of consistent yet dynamic content. By identifying the common emotional thread and using it to build clear communication guidelines, we give our teams license to play, to test and reiterate, and to truly connect with their audience.

Strengthen messages through subconscious stimuli

Emotional branding goes beyond the topic or tone of our messages. Marc Gobé, a pioneer in the field, tells us we must understand that the full set of sensory stimuli can subconsciously tweak our emotions by appealing to our limbic system. When possible, brands should consider the full sensory experience of their customers, including taste, smell, and touch beyond the typical sight and sound. But even beyond that is the consideration of body language, colors, facial expressions, and even temperature within how the brand presents itself at every touchpoint. Design on packaging and marketing materials have a powerful impact on how the message within is received. With a clear emotional direction, these many small attributes can work together towards a common goal that lifts and amplifies the message and subconscious reaction to the rationale.

Increase ROI

Omnichannel marketing ROI can be immediately increased by driving longevity, making content work smarter and harder. When a brand delivers messaging that produces a clear and consistent emotional reaction over time, these associations start to build and create a relationship. Every piece of content your customer interacts with will produce a higher ROI and higher likelihood of behavioral change than if the content was being seen on its own due to these subconscious associations. Even messaging for products across different indications will help to reinforce the overarching emotional response that we are building with our customers and buyers, leading to greater loyalty and resilience. Indications or sub-brands can be seen as “different characters in the same story”.


Emotional branding can greatly amplify the ROI of current and future investments. When each communication is seen as a piece of a puzzle that builds to an overall nuanced emotional reaction, rather than in a vacuum, each piece works to build perceptions that future messaging benefits from. This understanding and direction can cut down on decision making within teams through clear guidelines, and ensure that their work sees increased levels of impact.


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