5 AI tools for insights and innovation professionals in summer 2023
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It seems these days that every new tool is claiming to use AI. With a learning curve present for each tool, it can be difficult to know that you’re investing your time in the most effective form of AI. Here at Jade Kite, we test and review hundred of tools each year so you don’t have to. These are the ones that feature most prominently in our day-to-day toolkit for tasks ranging from emotional analytics to distilling thoughts and ideas.


1. Phebi Voice Analytics

As qualitative researchers, Phebi is our go-to AI tool for accessing the subconscious. Phebi transcribes your interviews with high levels of accuracy before assessing the emotional cues in the voice at each moment of speech. Tag the data to identify the strongest emotions present when discussing specific themes, or simply review the transcript while viewing the emotional overlay in tandem.

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2. AudioPen Summarizing

There are an overwhelming amount of tools out there for summarizing and synthesizing data. It is no secret that in this industry, we often have a million different thought tracks in our mind. The challenge can be sifting through these thoughts and actually getting them onto paper. AudioPen accurately cleans out auto transcripts and removes the rambling and filler words, providing highly professional synthesized paragraphs from your stream of consciousness speech. For teams always on the go or moving between a range of projects, this is an absolute game-changer.

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3. MirAi Future Foresight

Predicting the future has typically depended on a backlog of data, and remains often inaccurate. MirAi has consistently demonstrated that the use of AI behavioral understanding can produce groundbreaking accurate future predictions with as little as 30 participants and zero past data. We utilize MirAi for reaching consensus across MDT teams and oncologists, predicting future consumer trends and concept testing, to name but a few.

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4. Krisp Call Enhancer

As a digitally native organization, we are big believers of working in an environment that suits the individual. However, sometimes these environments aren’t optimal for taking calls or even moderating in a pinch. This is where Krisp comes in. While this app does require a download to your device, once installed it will eliminate any background noise, such as children, pets, or café sounds. What’s more, it will also transcribe and summarize each of your calls.

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5. Yabble Text Analytics

While OpenAi’s neural networks have demonstrated powerful results when it comes to analyzing both structured and unstructured data, a lack of safety and adequate privacy parameters means that these tools are unsuitable for most qualitative analysis. Yabble is a next generation insights platform that utilizes a combination of their own custom-built algorithms and OpenAI’s world-class GPT-3, 3.5 & GPT-4 neural network to generate fully automated and accurate insights from unstructured text data with ease and at speed. When it comes to theming and coding qualitative data, Yabble is a league above the rest.

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We love to chat about all things AI! If you have any questions on the above tools or if you just need a soundboard for new tech, get in touch today.


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