3 Chat GPT prompts for insights and innovation professionals
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When it comes to Chat GPT, the output is only ever as good as the prompt. Specific, highly detailed prompts that give both context and restricted parameters often yield the most creative responses. However they also require a detailed understanding of ChatGPTs functions.

For innovators and insights professionals, chat GPT is best used as

  1. A starting point for further digging for primary research or secondary research design.
  2. A resource to create stimulus to aid concept creation.

Here are the prompts we have been loving this week. (Scroll to the bottom to see prompts in full)


Writing content

 We love AI, but we’ll be the first to admit that when it comes to content writing, ChatGPT often still comes across as, well, a machine. That is until you get into role playing territory. We have had great success thinking of our favorite authors and public figures who embody the tone we want to emulate and asking Chat GPT to create content written in their tone.

Use it for: Writing product descriptions, writing blog articles, exploring different tonal articulations


Competitor identification

A simple prompt to get you in the right direction for understanding the competitive landscape. This will deliver a specified amount of websites similar to your competitors, whether it’s ecommerce, products, or experiences. We usually start with 10-20.

Use it for: Identifying competitors, finding niche players.


Review scraping 

This highly specific prompt allows you to scrape reviews from any page, be it google reviews or on a trusted website, and sort through them in detail. The prompt includes ratings that demonstrate the frequency of a specific theme, and covers pain points, delighters, purchase prompts and USP.

Use it for: Competitor analysis, brand perceptions, and deciding which hotels to stay in for your next conference.


If you’re interesting in integrating AI into your qualitative research approaches, check out our free guides or get in touch today for more information.



Full prompts

Writing content

I want to you imagine you are [persona]. Write a …


Competitor identification


Give me 10 similar website and their URL like this one: https://www.belvederevodka.com/ Output like this format: ebay: ebay.com



Review scraping


Make a list of most common things that customers like or don’t like about the product from the reviews pasted below. You should only include things that repeat over and over again in the reviews, write the ones that repeat the most first. Next to every bullet, write down how many times did the sentiment repeat in the reviews (Choose between: “”Very common””, “”Moderately common””, “”Not common””)



You should divide the list to 7 categories and each category should contain at least 5 bullets.



Use Markdown to format the content nicely.

Important:  For every heading, choose an appropriate emoji and paste it next to the heading.



The categories should be:




Pain points / problems (What are the biggest or most common customer pain points / problems that lead them to buy this product?)


Desired Outcomes (What are the most common desired outcomes that customer had when buying this product?)


Purchase prompts (What event triggered them to start considering purchasing this product?)


Main Unique Value propositions (What do you think are the main things that set this product apart from others (benefit/advantage your would put into headlines))


Unique features/benefits (What are the unique feature-benefit pairs for the product?)


Uncertainty & Perceived risk (Why were/are customers doubting? What did they think about the product that scared them before buying?)


Objections (“”Why did customers think this product wouldn’t work for them before buying?)



Important:  For every heading, choose an appropriate emoji and paste it next to the heading.



The reviews you should analyse are here:


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