3 AI tools we are using daily in Spring 2023
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Here at Jade Kite, we are under the firm belief that Ai tools exist to perfectly compliment human brains. They are the definition of working smarter by empowering us to use the areas of our minds that differentiate us from machine learning; creativity and strategic thinking.

And let’s be honest – the creativity and strategic thinking is the most exciting part of our jobs, right?! So we are BIG fans of anything that will help take the load off more menial tasks and empower us to work in the ways that best suit us.

With that in mind, here are the 3 tools we are raving about this week. We dare you to try these and not be obsessed with them.


Achieve heightened focus

Music holds immense power when it comes to influencing our mind. If you’re anything like us, your Spotify wrapped at the end of the year is 30% your personal music taste, and 70% your ‘concentration music’. Luckily, https://my.brain.fm/focus is here to take this to the next level. Simply choose your focus type (deep work, relax or sleep), and the music categories of your choice, and the app will cultivate music scientifically proven to have the desired neural impact.

Mara’s take: I was really skeptical of this at first when the app immediately played music that was not at all to my taste. But the second I updated my preferences and hit play, my brain immediately got sucked into a concentration vortex. It. Was. Awesome. I also love that it has a clock which tracks your focus time. Overall, 10/10 for improving the length and depth of my focus, and my overall motivation for deep work.


Plan your time

Organization and planning are things that comes naturally to some … and not so much for others. To-do lists, calendar hits, and deadlines can all get lost in the jumble of our brain, and the energy it takes to try to sift through this information has a direct impact on our ability to think creatively. That’s why TimeHero does all the thinking for you. This app integrates across all major email providers, syncs to your calendar and integrates your tasks to organize your daily tasks according to deadlines.

Mara’s take: The thing with organization tools is that they all require some form of organization in order for them to work. Yes, firefly.ai requires you to manually put in your to-do list, however the a.i. enables you to quickly type a sentence, e.g. ‘Write blogs by Tuesday pm’, and the task will be automatically assigned the correct deadline. I didn’t expect to find this as useful as I did. It takes a huge amount of brain power to think through your day and prioritize tasks, I didn’t realize to what extent until I had a platform do it for me. If you’re someone who writes a to-do list anyway, I can highly recommend integrating that practice into this platform.


Optimize your calls

As a digitally native organization, we are big believers of working in an environment that suits the individual. However, sometimes these environments aren’t optimal for taking calls. This is where Krisp comes in. While this app does require a download to your device, once installed it will eliminate any background noise, such as children, pets, or café sounds. What’s more, it will also transcribe and summarize each of your calls.

Mara’s take: As a digital nomad, I spend my life working in cafés. Let me tell you that Krisp has been revolutionary for me. In a world of WFH and open plan offices, this is the tool that I didn’t know I needed until I had it. I was working in a busy public space with loud music and respondents on the other end of my zoom call have been able to hear nothing but my voice. Transcription and summaries of calls are now a common tool, but the integration of this into Krisp is really welcomed. In my experience, the summaries are a little too high level for me, but it’s helpful none-the-less.


Let us know in the comments below which AI tools have changed the way you’re working recently!


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