Engineering viral ‘drops’

Questions Answered:
How can we generate a coherent and compelling approach to high engagement, high visibility ‘drops’, modelled after the successes of e.g. apparel and entertainment categories, for the snacks category?


Problem solved:

Our global client wanted to create a two-way engagement platform with the core fans of its beloved brands by bringing all the excitement associated with the brands to limited-edition, hype-heavy product drops, in order to supercharge talkability and organic media. They needed to understand clearly what creates ‘buzz’ in a community, and how we can use ‘superfans’ to engage others, turning simple flavor launches into viral drops.


We generated a clear framework of opportunity around what differentiates hype, cringe, and “meh”. This framework was tied to a fully-fledged point of view on purpose, design and communication of both physical and digital products, leading to the launch of a dedicated online platform to test, launch and amplify drops with selected brand fans.