Emotional Cancer Patient Journeys

Questions Answered:
What is the emotional journey for patients and HCPs facing a rare and aggressive cancer?


Problem solved:

Our client, a global pharmaceutical company, had a functional understanding of the patient journey for a rare and complex cancer. While they knew it to be an incredibly tough experience for patients and oncologists alike, they lacked depth and nuance in their data, both as a global outlook and in the vastly different aspects it presents across markets. They were looking for deep, true-to-life insights presented with clear opportunities to fully support and amplify the launch of a groundbreaking new drug in this area.



Jade Kite plotted a common journey tracking emotional states and behaviors for both patients and oncologists, and drew out all the cultural, social, and market nuances across 5 markets. We unearthed universal responses to inform a unified global strategy, as well as vital considerations necessary to approach each market. We then translated this data into a series of bite-sized but powerfully emotional animated films aimed at both internal and external education on this terrible disease, and the exciting drug launch addressing it.


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